Cypris Fire Promo

Flowlesque By Cypris

Cypris at Paradiso with Knife Party


Presented by Super Geek League

Cypris Stilt Act

At the Jewel Box Theater in Seattle, WA

“Montage” by David Rodwell

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Promo material for any occassion!   Puppets, hula hooping on stilts, robotics and miming, and fire performance clips!

Summer Solstice, 2010 Video Link

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Video thanks to Patika Starr.  This footage is a great representation of Kara* &  Jacob’s partner choreography!  It starts outw/ their cirque style acrobatic balancing and then shifts to their later, fire performances!  Everyone had a great time at The Greensboro Arboretum for this Summer Solstice!  It was truly a wonderful show to be a part of.

Take a Bow

Exuro at Rock the Block


Fire Dancing at the Art Hop