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Fire Dancing

  Tools used by the fire performance community borrow from a variety of sources. Many have martial arts  roots like swords, staff, poi, and whips, where some seem specifically designed for the fire community. The use of these tools are limited only by the imagination of their users.  Tools lend themselves to rhythmic swinging and […]

Partner Yoga

Yoga Two-gether is a unique form of partner yoga in which two persons flow together from one yoga pose to another, in a sequence of more than 60 poses. link to


Stiltwalking is an element of legends, rituals and festivals throughout the world, particularly in celebrations of growth and achievement. Children and adults alike gravitate to a stilted character towering head and feet above the crowd. Fire / Non-fire and Indoor / Outdoor stilt performances available.

Adagio Balance

Adagio is the name given to a specific set of partner acrobalance  or acrobalance movements. Adagio originated in Eastern Europe, and is the most commonly taught of the circus acrobalance arts. Adagio involves transitions between various stationary balances. They involve one flier and one base. The flier may be balanced on the base’s feet, hands, […]

LED Glow Performance

L.E.D. or Glow Performances are also available for indoor shows, clubs, and venues where fire is not permitted.  Beautiful shimmering flags and L.E.D. poi are spun rhythmically, creating mezmorizing light shows while  L.E.D. hoop dancing entrances audiences!  Can be combined with elaborate costuming and stilting for a real spectacle!

Cabaret, Go-Go Dancing, & More…

Exuro has had the opportunity to perform with many cabarets and performance artists on  stage!  Acts have included slap stick humor, miming skits, choreographed stilt performances, acrobatic balancing acts, and original theatrical performances with a variety of props. Cirque-Style Adagio Balance / Neo-Burlesque / Go-Go Dancing / Traditional & Neo-Mime / Cabaret performances  available. You […]