Workshop with EXURO- Twisted Dance Studio, Greensboro, NC


Yoga Two-gether & Partner Balancing with Kara and Jacob
A Partner Yoga, Partner Acro-Style, and Partner Fun Workshop

Experience connection, trust, and play! Kara Chambers and Jacob Felder of Exuro Entertainment will be sharing the essentials of partner work; all the push/pull, balance/counterbalance, and trust/support that goes into fun and safe partnering.

Jacob’s unique form of partner yoga, “Yoga Two-gether”, in which two persons flow together from one yoga pose to another will deepen your focus adding an adventure to your practice. They will also be sharing several of their more challenging cirque style poses as well as the nationally popular Acro-Style, i.e., flying on partner’s feet. A safety first and logical progression “you can do it,” workshop for all. No experience or partner necessary to come and join the fun!

Workshop fee: $35.00 per person (1:00-4:00 pm)

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