The Travels of Cypris – The CIty Of Angles

LA is a whirlwind!  I consider myself a pretty fast mover and shaker, but that city is on another level of life pace.  My lovely friends seem to be home maybe a total of 8 hours a day.  This includes eating, sleeping, and daily preparation time.  I did my best to keep up and had an amazing time.

My first performance was in a nifty theater inHollywoodfor, “What Is Art?”  The show was as unique as the mushrooms growing out of the dressing room ceiling.  I was billed with burlesque, magic, singing, and poetry. The show went off well and the flofins were as mesmerizing as ever!

The next week was peppered with small breaks between play functions and set construction. Argent took me on a venture to his old work place – a market near the Million Dollar Theater.  We went to see the building where Blade Runner was filmed, but they would not let us go up in the elevator seeing as it was a place of business.

Valentines Day was lady pampering focused.  Mystic took me on a venture through LA filming my spinning as we explored.  Dr. Lust and Mae met up with us for a mid day salad exchange that was right across from a micro part.  Micro park = a 10 X 10 area covered in turf, with tiny little swings and an exercise machine area on the side of the sidewalk.

I popped another naked lady spa cherry and introduced Mystic to the Korean Spa experience: multiple pools of varying degrees, hot and dry saunas and meditative healing rooms.  We hopped the subway back home to prepare for our night at the LA Art walk.

We hit the tail end of the evening and started in a studio filled with 2-d and 3-d hearts covered mustaches, gears, bees, food, collage and maps of LA. A glass of wine was enjoyed in a wooden playa car at a crazy burner studio.  We were given a tour of the shop where they had a large lazar cutting machine.  The ceiling was covered by an interactive origami pull structure was hanging from the ceiling and a suspended motion capture technology was being displayed.

I made sure to get to Marvin’s flow fest early on Saturday to help out the opening crew and open the gate. TheMissionwas packed by mid afternoon and I took my first club spinning class.  The whole experience filled me with joy as I smiled from ear to ear surrounded by my flow family.  The last class of the day was the most transformative, bringing into my life Jilly B, a play flow sister for life who shares the same philosophy as I.  Many wonderful idea exchanges were made with inspiration and admiration abound!  I even sold my first pair flofins!

The last few days were family-tastic.  Enjoying liquid breakfasts and lunches, performing at the Peepshow Menagerie, cooking for a roof-top photo shoot party, meeting David Cross in Whole Foods, Mai Thais at a pirate bar, getting the tech fan boys to loosen up a bit and play, Aladdin opening weekend, a burner pot luck in the valley, and so much more!

I shall leave you with the same thought as before; the people are what make our experiences.  It doesn’t matter where you are, how long you have known someone, or how long you shall know them.  Thank you to all of the new, old, and transient friends that colored my LA experience so wonderfully!

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