SeaCompression – Mocktober Fest – Burien, WA

SeaCompression is a vibrant, exciting celebration of interactive arts, packed with exotic entertainment and smart, funny, beautiful and cleverly dressed celebrants. Imagine one city block of Burning Man being transported – streets and all – to downtown Burien, and you’ve got an idea of SeaCompression.

Come celebrate with two full acres of theme camps, interactive displays, fire spinners, DJs, live music and performers, dance, art cars, grilled cheese, suspension rigs, small blimps, neon rainbows, and every other odd thing we can think of.

Saturday, October 15, 2011
500 SW 151st Street, Burien, WA
(aka the Burien Interim Art Space or B/IAS site)
6pm – 2am
Tickets: $25 / $40


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