My time in Portland was much shorter then originally planned.  The extra time in Seattle allowed for less rushed wrapping up.  I rolled into town wednesday evening and had a nice shop talk chat over whiskey.

An early bed time created an early which was just in time to read a couple stories to my friends 4 year old daughter.  The vegetables multiplied in the cast iron pan as an epic scramble was made.  My day was spent lazily reading, napping, and re wicking a fan surrounded by circus, flow and yoga artists that i incredibly respect.   Wandering the city brought hair accessories and clown juice into my possession.

It was then off to a photo shoot!  We drove outside of the city to an abandoned railroad depot and braved the cold for a couple different train and off train locales.  I had some new and exciting flow tools delivered to the site.  (I am excited for you all to see them)

After a fruitful trip to the post office, i was sent on my merry way with copious amounts of hugs and well wishes!

I feel like all my posts may end the same way!  I must express so much gratitude for the people that i have the pleasure of sharing space with.  Portland washes through my heart and leaves it feeling warm and fuzzy.  Thank you flow family!!!


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