Fire Fan Workshop at the “Carolina Burlesque Festival,” Charleston SC

Fire Fan Performance & Safety (Kara*):

I am very excited to be a part of the Carolina Burlesque Festival June 8-10th.  Come out and enjoy live music, national and international burlesque stars, and sideshow!  Workshops available!

“Add a little flare to your fan routine!” This workshop will give you professional informative guidelines for a safe practice with fire. Burlesque & side show acts go hand & hand and Kara, The Fiery Little Pixie, is here to explain it all. Have you wanted to learn fire performance but didn’t know where to start? Emphasis will be placed on fire fans as this beautiful & seductive art form is widely used in the burlesque arena. We will not be using live fire during the workshop but all who attend will have information on original fire fans moves, fuels and tools, safety practices & suppliers. Kara of Exuro Entertainment from Winston-Salem, NC will be sharing all of her secrets to heat up your next performance.  Fire fans are not required. You may bring practice fans or participate without. Beginners welcome!

Time: Saturday June 9 3:00 – 4:30pm
Location: South of Broadway Theatre – Rear of Theatre (Charleston, SC)

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