And I’m Off

For my first installment, I write to you from the Bolt Bus on the way to Portland. I shall set an intention to update my virtual travel documentation at least once a week, although my goal is to write daily on paper.

This is the second major farewell of my life and I am very grateful to have made a home in Seattle.  The separation from my roots in North Carolina, just a few years ago, has helped prepare me for this moment.  I feel as though nothing is ending.  It is a time of much transition for us all. Instead of concluding, everything is moving to the next phase.

I spent my last hours in Seattle driving around, wrapping up a few errands, making sure to sap up as much of the Emerald City as possible.   I rode through all of the neighborhoods i have lived in – Ballard, Fremont, South Lake Union, Capitol Hill – trying to take pictures as i drove.  I made sure to keep both hands on the wheel with the only goal of remembering.  Remembering:  The Seattle skyline (the colors of the buildings, the weird slanty building built to reflect the space needle, the newness of all of South Lake Union, the draw bridges, the neon, the volumes of people that fit into all of these man made structures, buildings being torn down, condos being built) , the center of the universe (3 solstice parades attended including a pancake brunch, decorating the bus stop, the many meals, drinks, and performances) the burke gilman (ahhhhhh so many glorious miles, triple rainbows, the path to the meteor shower and my favorite Seattle place) , the water (kayaking , burner boat, crashing a wedding, afternoon cruise with champagne, sailing) Gas Works Park (the place to take all out of towners, fire, SO MUCH fire and all of the people that wield it)

I let each tiny observance of my environment bring the most important memories to surface of my mind – the people.  The wonderful beings that have found me and i them.  Thank You!


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