Jacob Felder

Partner Balancing Artist,  Professional Dancer, Traditional Mime & Robotic Mime

Jacob Felder is a professional Dancer, Yoga  Instructor and Choreographer.  He has trained in a wide array of  dance genres including Ballroom and Latin Rhythms as well as Acrobatic dance forms.  In 2003 he began studying and training as a circus style acrobatic balancing partner.  Since that time he has developed a spellbinding performance for such events as festivals, parties and conventions. He now works with fire-dancer, Kara Chambers, of Exuro Entertaiment.  Together they display a captivating performance of strength,  balance, and sensually rich choreography filled with graceful dexterity and precision.  In addition, he is a fire dancer and fire breather.  He also accompanies Kara with her fire-dancing using his ballroom style background to create a unique addition to the genre of fire-dancing.  As a soloist he mesmerizes crowds with his whimsical and curious antics as a traditional mime and robotic mime.

Also visit www.jacobfelder.com

One Response to “Jacob Felder”

  1. Lucy Leary Says:

    September 9th, 2010 at 8:33 pm

    Jacob, it was great to see the spread of you and Kara in the goTriad. I’ve thought of you often and still practice the poses you taught me.
    It sounds like a fantastic act – balancing with fire!
    Best of luck.

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